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Spaces Design Studio, in Madison, NJ services customers in NJ, NY and PA

Your home is a mix of different spaces, each with its own function. A bedroom should be a retreat and induce relaxation. A study or den should be stimulating, a kitchen must "work," and common spaces must be unified. While every space has its own purpose and feel, they should also blend together to express a single vision.

That's why interior design for the home is so challenging, educational and fun.  Meeting that challenge is the essence of good design. We mesh your personality with that of your home to produce SPACES which bring out the best in both your home and your feeling of belonging.

Home is where we gather the everyday, the extraordinary, the functional and the luxurious.

The Spacess Design Studio offers a full range of interior design and home staging services in the New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania area.

Every design decision is an opportunity and a new challenge at the Spaces Design Studio. It is so easy to lose sight of the purpose of interior design and for the whole process to become a worry...  Will the new carpet wear well? How deep should the window treatments be and what lighting is needed in the dining room? Will my area rug go with my existing sofa?

The actual process of decorating can become a thoroughly enjoyable one, too, and we work hard to make it so.

Let Spaces Design Studio simplify this process and divide your design project into “bite-sized" portions which will follow a logical pattern making the whole decorating process manageable and comfortable for you. We have a number of services that can help you create the space of your dreams.

Style is an area of great debate and choosing one for your home can cause many dilemmas. Ideally, style should be formed from a combination of the innate style of the home and a reflection of you, the homeowner, rather than from the current opinion of the interior design press or what a previous owner thought fit the home for them and their tastes. Several style ideas have been included in this website to inspire you and to set you off on your journey and discovery.

Mistakes are likely to be expensive or at the very least embarrassing and, rather than failing, many people opt for the less-than-exciting choice of making no interior design decisions at all.  That's no fun!

The most comforting aspect of the designing and redesigning your spaces is that very often there is no wrong or right way of doing things - just degrees of appropriateness, and so long as the results are pleasing to you, that's all that really matters. To help you understand more about the process of SpacesDesign Studio, and making the very best use of your interior design budget, please take a look at our About Us page or feel free to contact us to arrange a complimentary, 1/2-hour in-studio consultation.


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Home Decorating Boot Camp, Decorate Fabulously! and Our Latest Interior Design Courses

I am excited to introduce our latest decorating courses. All our courses are based on the belief that interior design can be accessible to anyone, and that by understanding a few key design principles, even the least confident and experienced can design interiors that work.

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