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Spaces Design Studio is a boutique design studio that promotes wellbeing, harmony and an improved flow of energy for residential and commercial spaces. We are known for 25 years of exceptional interiors and services. Our role in this relationship is to translate the client’s taste, lifestyle, needs and desires into their space, while developing and maintaining a conceptual thread to ensure that the space reaches its highest potential. Each and every space is distinct as the client.

Whatever your design style or budget might be, we collaborate with you and make you part of the design process. Your home or office is a reflection of who you are. We work to bring out the best of you and your home or office space. We pride ourselves in taking any anxiety out of this process and help you trust your own taste.

We think designing this way is unique.

The process of tailor-fitting a home or office sometimes involves the need to gain insight into some of the most personal aspects of your life. We hold this information in the strictest professional confidence and work hard to make you feel at ease with expressing your needs and dreams, and integrating them into your spaces. We pride ourselves on the pleasures of developing a collaborative relationship with you, effectively guiding you to your vision.

Your home is a mix of different spaces, each with its own function. A bedroom should be a retreat and induce relaxation. A study or den should be stimulating, a kitchen must “work,” and common spaces must be unified. While every space has its own purpose and feel, they should also blend together to express a single vision.

Our role is to guide you in the most personal of journeys, one of creating a place where you’ll experience your daily life at work or at home. We believe each individual client brings with them a distinct character that serves as the basis of our inspiration for every project we help you design.
Your character can consist of a wide range of ingredients:


  • your unique personality traits

  • your passions and memories

  • your daily activities and hobbies

  • your family rituals

  • entertainment desires

  • and personal style, to name just a few

All of these things, and more, combine to form the foundation to establish a vision for your creating or recreating your home or office environment.

That’s why interior design for the home is so challenging, educational and fun. Meeting that challenge is the essence of good design. We mesh your personality with that of your home to produce SPACES that bring out the best in both your home and your feeling of belonging.

Home is where we gather the everyday, the extraordinary, the functional and the luxurious.

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