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Are you keeping your crystals in the most optimal location? The healing power of crystals have been a feature of cultures and civilizations for thousands of years. So how do crystals work ?


Crystals have the amazing energy field that can have a positive interaction with your own natural directing , absorbing, amplifying and focusing energy within your body. Like all things in the universe, crystals run on for vibrations.  Each one embodies an unique range of positive attributes depending on the type of color and vibration of the stone. Crystals have natural patterns in them that vibrate on a subtle level, sending out positive energy and frequency.

So, you want to make sure you’re channeling the right ones for each room. In other words, you probably don’t want to place an energizing stone right next to your bed…or one that’s too calming at your workstation.

The crystal healing industry is growing rapidly in popularity. With so many sources all around the world both online and in store it can be difficult to know where your crystals originally come from and if they have been sourced ethically. We have built strong and lasting relationships with our Crystal suppliers and have a high level of trust regarding its authenticity. We remain conscious and mindful with sourcing our crystals, so we can ensure that the natural environment that we are creating for you is appreciated and preserved.

Everything has energy. In fact quantum physics shows that at its most basic, all matter is made up of vibrating strings of electricity. So is your body and so are crystals. Humans are far better gauges of energy than you might imagine even people with little understanding of energy or energy healing white notice that they don’t vibe with another person when you experienced this you are sensing energy and recognizing that someone else is energetic vibration isn’t compatible with your own energy.

Our  Holistic Interior Design services help you create a sacred space in each area of your home that is needed.

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