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Holistic Interior Design 






Taking the mystery out of interior design starts with understanding the process. 


Knowing what to expect from your Interior Designer and knowing what is expected from you makes the experience enjoyable and gratifying. 


Let’s look at the steps involved keeping in mind that each project is unique and the steps may be adjusted as needed to accommodate the different needs of each client.


1) Consultation/Discovery Call is scheduled: Our initial meeting enables us to determine your needs, how you use the space, and your expectations concerning the interior design of your home or office. During this meeting, we will go over your budget, our fees and costs and your time frame for completion of the project. We want you to understand how we work and know that we will be there guiding you through the design process, adding suggestions and inspiration and making you comfortable with the experience.


2) Contract: We will prepare a contract outlining our services and fee structure for your review. Once you approve and contracts are signed, the interior design process begins.


3) Information Gathering Phase: We will measure your space noting the architectural details and the space impression. Equally important is measuring and photographing any pieces of furniture you are planning on integrating into your new interior design. During this phase we also discuss any ideas and thoughts you may have and evaluate any photos you may have collected that demonstrate what you envision.


4) Design Phase: Our next step is preparing a space plan, usually drawn to 1⁄4” scale, incorporating existing pieces of furniture as well as proposed selections. If elevations are deemed necessary to express an interior design concept or convey to contractors the desired result, they will be prepared at this time. This can include cabinet elevations, drapery designs & elevations showing tile designs, etc.


5) Design Presentation and Finalize Selections: At this point, we will present our plans and ideas for your review incorporating any samples, materials, photos and drawings that will help you envision the end result. The presentation includes furniture selections, fabrics, area rugs, window treatments and bedcoverings. This may entail several meetings to refine the design and selections. We want to be sure you are absolutely comfortable with all selections and ideas before you approve and we move forward.


6) Presentation Approval: Upon approval of the interior design presentation, a detailed quote itemizing all selections and costs is prepared. Once approved, the invoice signed and deposits made, then your materials are ordered, contractors are scheduled and the design process is set in motion.


7) Installation: When construction or renovation is complete the furnishings have arrived, the window treatments and bed coverings completed, everything will be professionally installed. The final layer will be selection and careful placement of accessories to achieve the full effect.


8) Builders and Contractors: We will collaborate with architects, builders or any contractors to create the space you envision. If contractors are needed to complete specific aspects of the project, we can recommend qualified, experienced people whose work we know and value.


9) Project Management: Be assured we will be there every step of the way managing your project from start to finish to ensure you are not only satisfied with the end result but feel tremendous pride and satisfaction every time you walk in your new space!



When you hire us, you…


  • Tap into our talents, time, expertise, and vast network of artisans and vendors

  • Work with a professional who attends design events and stays educated on the latest products, materials, and design strategies

  • Get a home with intention and flow that makes your unique life easier

  • Enjoy pieces sourced uniquely for you, locally and globally, from vendors we trust or with unique pieces we design ourselves.

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