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Our spaces are so very precious to us , especially in this moment in time! Who could have fathomed that we would be in such a trying time with the Covid-19 Pandemic.


The concept of sheltering in place over these past few weeks have lead me to ask the question “Are our home’s Impacting our emotional well being ? Before Covid -19, we were so busy going about our day, going to work or running errands that we were not laser focused on our interiors and what they provide us or is lacking. There is no better time than today to reevaluate your rooms and how they make you feel. Small changes to your space can flip from a cause of stress or isolation to a refuge of calmness and relaxation and even spark some creativity. How do you feel as you move through each of your spaces and where do you tend to gravitate and spend the most time? Pay attention to how you feel in each space. Does the current layout work for you, or are you continually stepping on family members in the kitchen? Is the mudroom a jumble of shoes and backpacks and grocery bags?  Does the accent wall that you painted, no longer look like it was a good idea? Our virtual consultations can help you make changes that don’t waste time and money or add stress with keeping social distance in mind.

Virtual Interior Design Service is the process of designing a space… entirely online. Most Virtual Interior Design Services start with the initial concept and continues through a solid plan for bringing the new design to life. That’s where you take control on making it happen!



You can choose virtual interior design services for nearly any of our interior design services and for any room

  • Space planning

  • Design concept

    • Color palette selections

    • Hard materials like flooring, countertops, cabinets, etc.

    • Soft furnishings like furniture, window treatments, etc.

    • Art & accessories

  • Recommendations for contractors or sources


How our process works:

1. Initial Call

We’ll chat about your space (or see it via video chat), hear what you love/loathe about it, and discuss your goals for it. During this call, we’ll also get on the same page regarding budget and timeline for the project.


2. Refine Your Aesthetic

We’ll ask you to share some photos of design that inspires you. We may ask more questions here or there to make sure we fully understand your style, or styles, and how you want the space to look.


3. Concept Presentation

We’ll pull together a concept for your space, including mood boards, floor plan, furniture and materials selections, colors, and more — everything we discussed for your unique project. You’ll have the chance to provide feedback on selections and aesthetic.


4. Design Guide

You’ll get our comprehensive Design Guide for your space, including the materials we’ve chosen, where to find them, and our suggested plan for bringing your space to life. 


5. Make It Happen

You now have everything you need to start your rooms transformation


What are the Advantages and Disadvantages Virtual Interior Design Services?


  • Expert style selections for a beautiful home

  • Low cost compared to traditional design services

  • 1-on-1 professional design advice for managing your unique project

  • Space planning that works for your family’s busy life

  • Materials recommendations specific to your budget



  • We don’t order the items for you

  • We don’t assemble them in your space (but we’ll have already shown you how!)

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