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Cleanse your home energy with Nature.

Every New Moon is a Fresh Start and a new beginning. This one has an extra dose of life-changing freshness that ushers in a new season.

Nature is immensely powerful, full of wisdom, energy and intelligence that is infinite. You can work with nature to cleanse and boost your home vibes and feel that Nature Magic at work in your life.

--Salt and Rice

I love using plain sea salt to clear negative energy. Today, rice enters the mix to deeply purify your space with more elemental power.

If you've got some old uncooked rice, you can fill a few small bowls halfway with rice and then add in plain sea salt.

Put the bowls around the house anywhere you want to lift the energy higher. I like to leave these for several days, then dump the rice/salt in the trash and refill when I'm ready for the next cleanse!

--Basil. If you can grow a basil plant at home, it's thought to be wildly abundant!

I like to use a few fresh basil leaves to simmer in a pot of water. Remove the leaves after about 10 minutes, cool the "basil tea" completely and use the tea to wash your floors. This is fabulous for more prosperous, high vibe home energy!

-Lemons. As a new season dawns, it's a great time to add lemon to your water if you enjoy it. And it's also a great time to keep bowls of lemons out around the house for more fresh energy.

--Flowers. Fresh flowers are incredible high vibration energy. While cut flowers are gorgeous for a weekly frequency tune up at home, flowers in pots -- like orchids and violets-- are also endlessly enchanting and enduring.

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