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Clear your home energy to welcome in more love.

Updated: May 5, 2022

Good feng shui can create happiness, health and wealth. If you ignore feng shui, you may be inviting the opposite of harmony – disharmony – into your life!

We don’t want disharmony and conflict do we? Especially in the bedroom!

Your home's energy is influencing you all day long. The lighter and brighter this energy is, the better you will feel.

Taurus is an Earth Element zodiac sign, deeply connected to Nature. You can use the power of Nature to boost the energy around you.

--Clean your home with non-toxic cleaning products.

My favorite cleaning product of all time is a spray bottle full of white vinegar mixed with water.

You can dilute white vinegar in different ways to clean different surfaces, but I tend to mix equal parts white vinegar and water in my spray bottles to clean windows, mirrors, baseboards and all the glass in my home

It doesn't just clean-- the vinegar cleanses your home energy in a refreshing way.

--Let go of some clutter that's been bothering you or blocking your flow. Flowing energy is the ultimate energy that creates abundance in Feng Shui.

You might let go of stuff in the garage that you're tired of seeing when you drive in every day or decide to donate clothes in your closet that remind you of bad memories.

You might decide to reorganize your pantry or clear the countertops in the kitchen so that you can cook without frustration and stress.

According to feng shui, the southwest corner of ANY room or home is the relationship area.

Use the compass on your phone to check. Walk in your front door and see where the compass points you.

Which room is in the southwest corner?

That’s your home’s relationship zone.

It could be your family room, kitchen or study.

Really doesn’t matter which room it is, but that area is where you can attract more love by paying attention to what you put there.

Decorate with pairs or symbols of love.

If for example, your kitchen is in the southwest corner of your home you’ll want to put the pics of you and the kids in another room.

Replace them with art in pairs just as you did in the bedroom. Keep it clean

As the southwest corner of your home is the relationship zone, the same applies to the southwest corner of each room.

Let’s say your kitchen is in the northwest corner of your home. Figure out where the southwest corner of the kitchen is and decorate it to support love and harmony.

All it takes is your compass and a bit of imagination. Have fun with it. What have you got to lose?

With every step you take, you'll feel the positive momentum growing!

Feng Shui Bedroom

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