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Is Your Home Environment the Best It Can Be? Ask Yourself These 3 Questions.

1. When was the last time you updated your decor? If it has been more than five years, consider making updates even on a small level.

Change displayed items collectibles or artwork to reflect a fresh perspective, a new beginning in your life or to open yourself up to a new part of your life that you hope to happen.

If you have experienced a major life change such as death, divorce or a move ,it is best to get a new mattress and try different paint colors as soon as you are able to.

2. Does my home reflect not only my current needs, but where I would like to be in the future?

A great way to usher in a new life changes is to set up your home to accommodate them.

A hobby or exercise space can be inspiring and motivating to resend empty nesters that now have an extra room.

A new guestroom that was once an under used office can be solace to a lonely occupant.

Ask yourself what you feel you were lacking in your life.

No matter what the answer is creativity visitors health organization spirituality want to create and designate the space with focused intentions, you are opening the flow of energy to what is needed.

3. When I enter my home, do I feel happy, relaxed, and at peace?

For some people, when they walk through the door, it is not quite home sweet home.🏡🏡🏡The reasons can vary.

The most common ones I’ve heard are a daunting list of unfinished home projects; a great deal of disorganization, uninspiring, lifeless decor or unpleasant memories.

Each one of these issues can eventually be transformed. Tackling the clutter is the first step to getting rid of clutter and chaos and can greatly reduce stress. We all running to do list. But by systematically approaching each tool, from small to large and taking time to acknowledge the sense of accomplishment after each task completion, unfinished business will not feel so daunting.

After organizing your space, clear the psyche resident of your home with him will I see his cleaning.

This allows the predecessor energy to be released and opens the energetic pathway to clean, clear and fresh energy to enter.

Once organization has been put into place and the energies of the space been consecrated, the fun part of decorating with intention and meaning can begin.

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