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Need to feel good at home? Here are my 5 Tips to bring fresh energy into your space

Feeling cooped up at home?

Here are 5 ways to bring in some fresh vibes and positive energy in your home --to help reset the day and bring in a lighter energy in these uncertain times.

The Flush

Harness the wind for this one. Throw open your doors and windows -just for a minute--to get the feeling of air moving through your space. And let the wind take away all that old, yucky energy and bring in a sense of lightness and ease.

For smaller homes, open one door/window from each room to get some air circulating (again, just for a minute or two—you don’t have to freeze!).

For larger houses, think about tackling this in zone—bedrooms/bathrooms zone, living zone, etc.

This one is easy and can be used at the beginning or end of each day to flush out the old and bring in some fresh energy.

Essential Oils

Bring in a fresh scent

Make a quick spray bottle with a new fresh scent to clean your home.  Just use 1/4 cup white vinegar, 1 3/4 cups water, and 30 drops of an essential oil.  Try a scent that’s new—and evokes a good feeling.

Great choices would be lavender, lemon, eucalyptus, peppermint, wild orange, or grapefruit. Feel free to mix and match (10 drops each of 3 fragrances, or 15 each of 2).

While this won’t sanitize your surfaces, our sense of smell is a powerful tool and can be key in triggering a feeling of freshness, cleanliness, or calm.


Get your bare feet on the ground, or on your ground floor.

Ideally, earthing is done by standing—bare-footed—on the ground. If you can get away with doing this for a minute or two, it can be incredibly powerful in calming your nervous system and boosting your immune system.

If it’s just too cold (I get it, I hate cold feet), try this at home.

It would be best to stand barefooted on your ground floor and imagine your feet driving energy down through your support beams or crawl space, and into the earth below you.

Just a few minutes of intentional breathing while doing this can help your nervous system a lot!


If you're feeling stuck, smudging is a great way to clear the energy, which can often get caught in the corners of our rooms.  

By using smoke, you can drive the old, grumpy energy from the corners and help lighten the mood.

Smudging is traditionally done with dried plants—sage, sweetgrass, cedar, etc.

But you can use a candle—anything that produces a little smoke.

Carefully walk it around the perimeter of each room in your home, being intentional about getting the into each corner or any spot where energy can get “stuck.” Think or speak your intentions— what you want to purge from your space, and what you are making space to allow into your home.

This is a great ceremony to use in conjunction with “the flush,” though you do not need to smudge on a daily basis. Smudge your home first—getting things unstuck from the corners—then flush your house to remove it all.


To completely reset the energy, use this powerful technique.

This one is for when you need the BIG shift--after someone has been sick, had an anxiety attack, gotten bad news, had a fight.

With families caught at home together, there’s bound to be something big that needs clearing.

I only pull this one out on occasion, but—to me—it literally feels like it changes the ionic charge in my house (like after a powerful rain storm). It’s really powerful, but it’s also the most dangerous.

So, this goes without saying, but be very cautious when doing this.

Also, be very intentional. This is one to do after a few moments of silence, after you’ve taken a few deep breaths and set your intentions.

You can do this as a family, but please guide everyone in determining what their goals are in this ceremony.

I promise it will lighten the mood in your home! And I hope it will bring fun and laughter in!

The ingredients:

  • (Small) pot with lid (will get some smoke residue, but should wash off)

  • Epson salt

  • Rubbing alcohol

  • Match/lighter

The steps:

  1. Line the bottom of pan with epson salt. As with all the ingredients, the more you add, the bigger/longer this will burn. So better to start with too little, and have to replenish supplies.

  2. Cover the epson salt with rubbing alcohol (start with just a little!)

  3. With the lid nearby, and an oven mitt to hold the handle of the pot, light the rubbing alcohol.

  4. Using the lid to control the flame, walk the pot through each room in a manner similar to smudging—walk the perimeter of the room, hold the pot in each corner, across doorways, and anywhere else energy gets “stuck.”

  5. Speak out loud what you are expelling from your home (sickness, anxiety, anger, etc.) and what you are calling in (security, fun, good health, etc.)

  6. If your pot burns out before you are done with each room, replenish it. If you have completed walking through your house and there is more left to burn, place on your stove and speak more intentions/visualize how you want your house to feel until it burns out.

  7. Once it’s all done, you should have burnt, kinda oily salt—which you can toss. Wipe down the smokey residue from your pot with a towel/paper towel, then wash as normal. It should be clean of any dark soot.

  8. Celebrate—have a dance party, sing at the top of your lungs, throw open your doors and windows —whatever moves you!

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