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Basics of a Welcoming Patio

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

On a gorgeous afternoon, a patio becomes an appealing alternative to the living room – a place to read a magazine, relax with family, or enjoy cocktails with friends.

Spaces Design Studio has the expertise to treat yours as a natural outdoor extension of your living room, decorated with livable style and ready for anything from glamorous cocktails to an hour or two of quiet lounging.

When we decorate patios, our patio designs are highly versatile and we are able to swiftly transition the patio from a sunning and resting place to an idyllic spot for dining or entertaining.

We choose furniture for our clients that enhances the flexibility and that can easily be configured to create different seating arrangements.

An over-sized armchair and ottoman can be pushed together to form a chaise, or set up as a chair and a coffee table for trays of drinks.

When furnishing a patio, choose woods that weather nicely, and keep in mind the natural bleaching effect of the sun.  

Because teak is a tropical hardwood with a high oil content, it is one of the most resilient choices for outdoor furnishings. Over time, teak fades to a golden brown and eventually turns a silvery gray.

Cedar, redwood, nyatoh, and luan  are other good options for outdoor furniture.

Fabrics for upholstery and decorative accents should also be durable and fade resistant.

Washable, tightly woven materials, like twill or poly canvas, stand up to the elements, and their softness serves as a reminder of a patio’s leisurely sensibility.

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