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Uncovering and Preparing A Space with Intention

It is no surprise that architecture and interior design can impact our mood – we did not end up with feng shui and a whole industry dedicated to color forecasting without first having a feeling that aesthetics can play a role in the human soul. Neuroscience has rung its bell as well, showing us that rooms with high ceilings lead to greater creativity, increasing our capacity for abstract thoughts, while most constrained thoughts might be tasks that require intense focus according to the Carbon School of Management.

Meditating on your space means nothing less than asking yourself who you are and how you want to live.

Meditation in this case, is not a submissive act of daydreaming, but an empowering act of intention.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you decide to sit down and meditate.

Ask Yourself Clarifying Questions A home should be a space that promotes action – that supports you in all the things that take place there.

Try to identify the pain points (those things that might have a negative impact on you and in your daily routine).

Take a moment to remain in these pain points and identify their origin.

If you feel distressed every morning getting out of the house, take a look at the role your space plays in that anxiety – you might have a chaotic closet or a disorderly entryway working against you.

Then flip the question around: which spaces in your home make life more pleasurable? Which ones do you enjoy sharing the space with others?

Visualize New Possibilities Since a home is an extension of yourself, it is important to make the time to explore its potential.

Pause for a moment and visualize the space with nothing in it. In your mind, move everything out, taking you back to a blank slate.

Don’t worry about Houzz, Pinterest, or whether you are keeping your great grandma’s antique server, LOL…Just daydream, letting your mind fill your home with the people, memories, furnishings, art, textures and colors that it truly wants.

Whatever you see, make a quick drawing, or jot down a few notes.

Set Intentions for Your Space Now that you have figured out which areas are and are not helping, you can begin to live your best life. It is time to reaffirm some goals, or set your intentions, which can mean different things to each of you.

This does not mean writing up a to-do-list of home improvement projects or making resolutions that will help you actualize the ideal space you just visualized.

Setting your intentions can take on many different forms. It can just mean setting a simple intention that says “this is where my desk will go because the view will make my day a brighter and happier one.”

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