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Interior Design and the Power of Crystals

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

With there being thousands of crystal varieties to choose from, selecting the perfect one at times can seem quite overwhelming.  

If you feel drawn to a specific one, it can mean that you are in need of that stone's particular energy in your life.

You can select crystals by color, by feel, or by  need. If selecting a stone by color, it does carry an energy related to that color.

For example, a pink and green stone is related to the heart chakra and can be very powerful in emotional healing.

By keeping crystals in your home, it is an awesome avenue to attract so much positive energy in your space. Crystals will amplify the environment you need and at the same time, clear away any negativity that the space might be holding.

Placing the right stones around your home will, in fact, keep your rooms feeling positive , pure and light.  

You should think on what is it that you would like each stone to bring to your space----are you wishing to attract abundance in your home? Do you need to promote calmness to your living room?

It is very important to identify what your intentions are for each of your spaces and your home, as a whole.

Your space should be cleared of any negative energy before introducing any new stones.

Negative energy can build up and create a stagnancy in your home and show its ugly head  through having disagreements in your space, bad moods and even illness.

Regular cleaning of your space will foster balance, harmony and dispel any unwanted energies. 

There are many ways to incorporate crystals in your home. As with greenery, crystals offer an opportunity to bring a piece of nature into your home.

There are lot of creative ways to display your precious stones that will help you to attract the right kind of energy into each one of your spaces.

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